Paycheck Protection Program Second Draw loans  

What is a PPP loan?

An SBA loan that helps businesses keep their workforce employed during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

The President has signed a relief bill that includes $284 billion for Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans.  

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Funding amounts   

  • Second draw is 2.5% average monthly 2019 or 2020 payroll costs up to 2 million. 
  • For borrowers in the Accommodation and Food Services sector the maximum loan amount for a Second Draw PPP Loan is 3.5x average monthly 2019 or 2020 payroll costs up to $2 million. 

Important new information about PPP Round B: 

  • The program will be open for both first-time borrowers and borrowers looking for a second loan. 
  • have seen a 25% drop in revenue in any quarter of 2020 relative to the same quarter in 2019 and must have used the full amount of your first PPP loan.
  • To be eligible for Round B (if you received a PPP loan in the previous round) you must have 300 or fewer employees, 

Full Forgiveness Terms  

  • Second Draw PPP Loans made to eligible borrowers qualify for full loan forgiveness if during the 8- to 24-week covered period following loan disbursement:
  • Employee and compensation levels are maintained in the same manner as required for the First Draw PPP loan;
  • The loan proceeds are spent on payroll costs and other eligible expenses; and  
  • At least 60 percent of the proceeds are spent on payroll costs.  

How to Apply

  • Fill out the online application and we will redirect you to one of our partners to submit your application for ppp loans