What are long term loans?

Long term loans are calculated based on compound interest, Compound Interest is calculated on the initial principal and also on the accumulated interest on the deposited loan. Compound Interest can be viewed as interest on interest and as a result, it accrues on a  daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Benefits of a long term compound loan

  • Lower monthly payments, spreading the payments over a longer period of time.

  • Used for long term growth, and business expansion

  • Paying off early will save on interest payments

On a compounded interest loan, the total payback is determined by the interest rate and the term length.

Compounding interest loans are front loaded with interest.  The interest and principal payment are not equally distributed, initially each payment is paying primarily interest.

  • Loan amount

    $50,000 – $1,000,000

  • 3-36 Month Terms

    1 to 5 years

  • Fixed Simple Interest Rates

    Starting at 5.49% – 27.79%

  • Timeline

    Decision as fast as 72 hours. Funding in as soon as 10 days

How It works

Long terms loans are typically spread out anywhere between 1-5 years, and are typically used for larger purchases.  These loans are great for businesses that may not see a return on investment for some time.

Long term Compound interest rates are determined by several factors listed below.

  • Cash flow

  • Profitability Profit & loss  and balance sheet

  • Annual revenue

  • DSCR – Debt service coverage ratio

  • Fico score & Business credit

  • Business type

See what loans you qualify for

Long term compounding loans are great for businesses in need of larger amounts of working capital to stimulate continued growth.

Acceptable uses of proceeds

  • To make a large investment, Large inventory purchases, New locations

  • Lower Monthly payments

  • To see a return on investment it takes several years

  • Launching a new marketing campaign

  • Acquisition of another business

  • Hiring new employees

  • Have the option of prepaying early to save on Interest payments

Example of a $100,000 compound loan example

Rates can vary between 5.49%-27.79

Item 24 Month loan 60 Month loan
Loan amount $100,000 $100,000
Interest rate 12% 15%
Term 2 years 5 years
Monthly payments $4,707.35 $2,224.44
Number of payments 24 60
Total Payback $112,976.40 $133,466.40
Total cost of loan $12,976.40 $33,466.40

This product, focus more on the health of your business, not just your cash flow. We will evaluative your profitability and your debt coverage ratio, which will show us how well can your current debt and your new liability.  Once approved will give you few different options so you can compare the coast of the loan to the payment of the loan.

Who qualifies?

Basic Eligibility criteria

Borrower fico


Years In business.

2 years


  1. No sole Proprietorships or non-Profits

  2. No History Of felonies or financial criminal history

  3. No business or personal bankruptcies within last 7 years

  4. Release of tax lien documents or proof of payment plan > $5,000


Required Documentation

  • 2 years Of Most recent Business Tax returns

  • 1 Year Of the most recent personal Tax return

  • 6 Months Business bank statements

  • Business Debt Form (We will explain)

  • If loan size is more than $300,000 Interim financials (YTD profit & loss plus balance sheet )

Interest Rates

5.49% to 23.29%
7.99% to 25.79%
8.99% to 26.79%

9.79% to 27.79%

10.49% to 21.29%


You have the right to understand the true cost of your loan. That’s why our pricing structure is simple and transparent, with no prepayment penalties.

Fee Type Fee Description
Origination Fee 0.99% to 4.99% A one–off fee to cover our costs of evaluating and originating your loan. The fee is Is based on the strength of your credit profile and is deducted from your total loan proceeds, which means you do not pay this fee if you do not receive a loan.
Prepayment Fee 0 Unlike other lenders, we don’t charge anything if you repay your entire loan early.
Late Payment Fee 10% of missed payment If your monthly payment is late, you will be charged a fee on the missed Payment. This fee is added to your original monthly payment, withdrawn From your account.
Non–Sufficient Funds Fee $35 If you don’t have sufficient funds in your account to make a monthly payment, you will be charged a small fee to cover costs we incur on the failed Transaction.

How to Apply

  • Fill out the online application and upload your last 4 Months of business bank statements or email them to us or you can fax them over as well to one of our account executives.